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Too Hard Presents: Still Hard

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The second film from the ladies of Too Hard, Still Hard is Danyale Patterson’s brain child. This film features soon to be legends like Danyale, as well as many up and coming ladies, all of whom worked super hard for this 2013 release. Enjoy some good tunes and trippy editing while watching these ladies raise the bar for women’s snowboarding.


Girls Gone “Wilder” (A film by Roxy)

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Roxy released their newest snowboard flick a few weeks ago, and you can watch it all thanks to Vimeo. These ladies are going wild, but not in a way you’d expect. You can find them absolutely destroying the urban scenes around Quebec, Utah and several other hometown spots. The flick does an excellent job showing us you don’t always need to be on a mountain to enjoy snowboarding.

“Winter: Are you there?” Tips for anticipating the season.

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Well it is that time of year again, the first day of fall was officially yesterday. There is pumpkin spice coffee everywhere, which is AMAZING, the geese are flying south, and the trees are looking like skittles. If you find these things as great as I do, than we probably have a lot in common.

As great as fall is, I am all ready to say goodbye and begin my long-lasting love affair with winter. Been dreaming about getting on your snowboard for months now? Me too, and it can be torturous.  So for the first SheBoarder blog post, I am going to give some tips on coping with fall and preparing for an amazing winter:

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