Tech Talk: A tuned board is a happy board.

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Winter is coming into swing at last, and by now many of the resorts have opened up. This means it is time to jump back on your board. Just because you are set and ready to go, doesn’t always mean your equipment feels the same way. So lets get into proper care of your shred stick. This is an important part of snowboarding, a well tuned, up-kept snowboard will preform better and lead a longer life. Translation: Happy board= Happy rider <- everyone wins.

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Too Hard Presents: Still Hard

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The second film from the ladies of Too Hard, Still Hard is Danyale Patterson’s brain child. This film features soon to be legends like Danyale, as well as many up and coming ladies, all of whom worked super hard for this 2013 release. Enjoy some good tunes and trippy editing while watching these ladies raise the bar for women’s snowboarding.


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Up here in the North corner of the Green Mountains, we have befallen cool temperatures, and pretty heavy snowfall on the mountain tops. This is pretty exciting news to a bunch of ski shop bums (such as myself and co-workers) so after keeping close eyes on the weather and mountain web cams, we decided to go for a morning hike before work on Tuesday morning.

My alarm went off at 645, I was already awake. The excitement kept me up for a good portion of the night. Breakfast, coffee and out the door. I met up with three other guys from the shop in Richmond, and off to Stowe we went.

Getting out of the car at the base parking lot, I looked up to the snow-covered mountain and was hit with a fierce, cold wind. Winter wind. We bundled up and headed for the hill (Mount Mansfield, more appropriately). After a short amount of time, we all warmed right up. The snow was DEEP (not complaining) but for my short little legs, a work out and a half. In most places, we’re talking knee to waist deep in POW!

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Keeping the Stoke: More Shred flicks

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Hopefully you snow lovers have been out there preparing for winter. I’ve been doing some skating, working out and enjoying all the great snow porn out there.

If you didn’t make it to Jake Blauvelt’s new film premiere, Naturally here in Burlington on September 27th, you missed a showing of some amazing powder turns 2 years in the making (in part due to a shoulder injury). The film focused on Blauvelt’s back country riding mainly taking part in untracked British Columbia, while intertwining a story line on his road to recovery. A great documentary, it also introduces the snowboarder’s newly formed non-profit cause, Mountain Light Project which focuses on getting kids snowboarding who would not normally have the opportunity to do so.  Definitely worth a watch, check it out!

Another premiere is happening this Friday at UVM. Celebrating 10 years of shred, Think Thank Productions; Think Thank is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack is being shown at 7:30 (doors at 7). It is sure to be one of the best freestyle videos this year, so if you are interested, get on this opportunity. Below is a Facebook link to the event.

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“Winter: Are you there?” Tips for anticipating the season.

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jay backyard

Well it is that time of year again, the first day of fall was officially yesterday. There is pumpkin spice coffee everywhere, which is AMAZING, the geese are flying south, and the trees are looking like skittles. If you find these things as great as I do, than we probably have a lot in common.

As great as fall is, I am all ready to say goodbye and begin my long-lasting love affair with winter. Been dreaming about getting on your snowboard for months now? Me too, and it can be torturous.  So for the first SheBoarder blog post, I am going to give some tips on coping with fall and preparing for an amazing winter:

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