Green Mountains


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Up here in the North corner of the Green Mountains, we have befallen cool temperatures, and pretty heavy snowfall on the mountain tops. This is pretty exciting news to a bunch of ski shop bums (such as myself and co-workers) so after keeping close eyes on the weather and mountain web cams, we decided to go for a morning hike before work on Tuesday morning.

My alarm went off at 645, I was already awake. The excitement kept me up for a good portion of the night. Breakfast, coffee and out the door. I met up with three other guys from the shop in Richmond, and off to Stowe we went.

Getting out of the car at the base parking lot, I looked up to the snow-covered mountain and was hit with a fierce, cold wind. Winter wind. We bundled up and headed for the hill (Mount Mansfield, more appropriately). After a short amount of time, we all warmed right up. The snow was DEEP (not complaining) but for my short little legs, a work out and a half. In most places, we’re talking knee to waist deep in POW!

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