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Tech Talk: A tuned board is a happy board.

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Winter is coming into swing at last, and by now many of the resorts have opened up. This means it is time to jump back on your board. Just because you are set and ready to go, doesn’t always mean your equipment feels the same way. So lets get into proper care of your shred stick. This is an important part of snowboarding, a well tuned, up-kept snowboard will preform better and lead a longer life. Translation: Happy board= Happy rider <- everyone wins.

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Women Responsible for $1B in Snow Sports Purchases in 2012/13 Season

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Women Responsible for $1B in Snow Sports Purchases in 2012/13 Season

This article is a useful tool in showing us the exact numbers with which women economically influence the world of snow sports. These numbers not only help show the money spent, but also the fact that women are a big supporting part of the industry, and a big influence.